Timeless elegance for all occasions, is in the heart of Mama&Leon designs, shown through our exquisite and delicate craftmanship, result of over 20years of research and development in embroidery, handmade lace, beadings & airbrush technique.

The Mama&Leon brand for the domestic market was succes and found it’s niche in the Indonesian Traditonal Women’s costume the Kebaya. 

What started as a womenswear division for the domestic market soon grown to cater all the domestic market needs including mens and childrens wear.

In Bali, Kebaya is more than just a national costume, it is an identity, close to heart of Balinese people and is something that is used Balinese womens on daily Basis. Seeing this gap in the market for comfortable yet beautiful and affordable Kebaya, Ibu Erlina created the Klambi Kebaya brand. Focusing to caters the needs of Comfortable, affordable yet still exquisitely handcrafted Kebaya for the Balinese Womens. Inspired by the colorful nature and culture of Bali, Klambi is the only Kebaya brand utilizing the Airbrush and embroidery technique to create beautiful and colorful pieces, that can be used not only for special occassions, but comfortable enough for daily wear as well.

Nowadays Mama&Leon domestic brands Include: Mama&Leon Vintage Kebaya, Mama&Leon Ladies, Klambi Kebaya, Mama&Leon Man, Klambi Kebaya, Klambi Kids & Priyayi for men.

Mama&Leon Group

Mama & Leon Ladies

Non-Kebaya ready to wear pieces for ladies with Mama&Leon signature design and embroidery details


Traditional kebaya with Mama&Leon embroidery and airbrush painting

Mama & Leon Vintage

Kebaya with signature Mama&Leon embroidery and lace

The Founder

Mama&Leon was founded in Bali 1978 by Ibu Erlina Kang, affectionately known as Mama, a self taught seamstress who grow Mama&Leon from a home industry with eight Machines and workforce of ten, into the fully fledged garment manufacturer it is known as today. During the 1980’s Mama&Leon focused solely on the export market, and the company grow exponentially, until one day in 1996, Ibu Erlina Kang decided to make the Mama&Leon womenswear brand for the Indonesian Market.